Is Clausthaler completely alcohol-free?
No, in spite of or because of, all our knowledge and all our technical proficiency, we know that a minimal quantity of alcohol must be produced to create a good tasting non-alcoholic malt beverage. The alcohol content of Clausthaler is 0.45 (or 0.30 for Clausthaler Golden Amber) % vol, which lies below the 0.5 % vol maximum alcohol content specified in the statutes as the definition of "non-alcoholic", "dealcoholized", or "alcohol-removed". In Great Britain, the term "alcohol-free" may only be used for products with not more than 0.05 % vol detectable alcohol content

In the United States, the term "alcohol-free" may only be used for products with no detectable alcohol content. 0.45 (or 0.25*) % vol is such a small quantity that many other food products contain similar alcohol quantities. Nearly all fruit juices all have traces of alcohol. In Germany, grape juice is officially allowed to contain up to 1.0 % vol alcohol and soft drinks may contain up to 0.3 % vol alcohol.

What is the difference between Clausthaler and diet beer?

Diet beer brewing processes feature special fermentation methods that ensure extremely high attenuation. That is, the available carbohydrates in the form of malt sugars are almost completely converted to alcohol and CO2 during fermentation. This results in an extremely low residual carbohydrate content and a low physiological calorific value of only around 32 calories (133 kJ) per 100 ml. Diet beer has nearly no residual sugar but approximately the same alcohol content as a co

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