Goodtime Moonshine 750ml


Created using a generations old recipe passed down in Georgia. Made with a three grain blend of Corn, Wheat, and Milo, produced in small batches and double distilled using an authentic copper pot moonshine still, Goodtime Moonshine is one of the few authentic moonshines on the market today.
Gently aromatic, bold at 90 proof, yet surprisingly mellow. This real Georgia moonshine can be enjoyed alone, but will also add intriguing new flavors to a variety of cocktails. The brand speaks Southern from the grains used in its production, to the bottle it comes in, and is a certified 100% American product.
Colt Ford is the first country music star with his very own brand of moonshine. The singer announced  that he's partnered with the Georgia Distilling Company and United Distributors to create a 90-proof moonshine called Goodtime Moonshine. The name of the new alcohol comes from a popular song called ‘Mr. Goodtime’ on Ford’s debut album, ‘Ride Through the Country.’ His newest album, ‘Every Chance I Get,’ was released in May of this year, featuring two singles, ‘Country Thang’ and ‘She Likes to Ride in Trucks.’

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