NV Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel Whisky, Canada


Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky is more than simply a high-strength rendition of the standard bottling we are all familiar with. About 50 different mature whiskies are used to create that blend. One of these is the ultra-flavorful “Coffey Rye,” and it is this Coffey Rye that the brand has chosen to bottle for its single barrel program.

This jaunty, rye-forward whisky from a mash of 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5% barley malt was distilled in an arcane Coffey still and spent seven years in new oak barrels. Flavors vary remarkably among barrels making each of these single barrel bottlings unique. This one exudes sweet floral perfume, vanilla, oaky tannins, sweet and sour sauce, spices, and basket loads of tropical fruits, all centered on soft banana candy. A long spicy, velvet tannin finish.

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