This 2014 Johnnie Walker Private Collection edition is a tribute to one of Johnnie Walker's signature flavours - Smoke. Only 8,888 numbered bottles available worldwide.

John "Johnnie" Walker was born in 1805 near Kilmarnock and ran a grocery, wine and spirits shop on the High Street in Kilmarnock from where he started to sell his own whisky brand, then known as Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky.

John’s son, Alexander, had learned the art of tea blending whilst working for a tea merchant in Glasgow and, when he returned to take over the family business from his ailing father, he used those skills to create the family's first blend in 1865, Old Highland Whisky, which eventually became Johnnie Walker Black Label.

A few years later, in 1870, Alexander introduced the now iconic square bottle as it allowed more bottles to be packed in a case and reduced breakages.

JW Private Collection '14 Bottling Note
The John Walker & Sons Private Collection is to be a limited annual release for the renowned brand. The first edition, released in 2014, wears its intentions on its sleeve, with "A Unique Smoky Blend" being written right on the stylish bottle. Expertly blended around a core of rich, sweet, smoky notes, the 2014 Private Collection release is an excellent start to the new Johnnie Walker range.

The John Walker & Sons Private Collection is to be a new series of exclusive, annual, limited edition releases. Perfect for adorers of the famous JW brand or indeed collectors. Each release is going to showcase rare flavour profiles, experimental casks and progressive techniques. Basically, the JW blenders are flexing their muscles...

The 2014 Edition is a tribute to one of their signature flavours; smoke. The whisky itself is a blend of smoky whiskies from 3 regions; Highland, Island and Islay whiskies are present.

The Highland third offers a certain subtlety with regard to the smoke, displaying a complex array of sweet and vibrant notes.

The Island third offers maritime character with sea-salt, smoke and an oily mouth feel.

The Islay third packs a mighty, medicinal, phenolic and smoky punch.

Combined, they create a whisky with wonderful complexity, this is truly something a bit different and a bit special.

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